Remotizer® Certifications

Our patent#: 7,373,795  dated 05/20/2008

Remotizer Electronic Door Lock Keyless Entry System is a product that offers a more simplistic approach to secure Keyless Entry System residential access while creating an aesthetic that homeowners are proud to display on their front door. The result is an electronic door lock that charts a new path in home security solutions.

Remotizer gives you the options you need to enter and exit your home electronically, with complete peace of mind. Electronic Door Lock Keyless Entry Systems  have become incredibly advanced and convenient, so it is important to us that you know our product has been subjected to rigorous testing and a thorough certification process by independent laboratories.

Here are certification reports from the United State Patent Office and independent testing laboratories that have validated the reliability and durability of the Remotizer Electronic Door Lock Keyless Entry System . These tests were done to satisfy the requirements to achieve Certification of the Remotizer Electronic Door Lock Keyless Entry System by the Federal Communications Commission of the United States.

Mesa Engineering, Inc., Houston Texas
Timco Engineering, Inc., Tampa, Florida
Technology Kitchen Corporation, Austin, Texas
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