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Q. Will it work on any deadbolt?
A. The REMOTIZER Electronic Door Lock Keyless Entry System  operates all brands of single cylinder, cylindrical deadbolts. It will not work on double cylinder deadbolts. (keys on both sides) or mortise deadbolts.

Q. How long will the batteries last?
A. Four AA batteries last one year with normal use.

Q. Can it be used on all the deadbolts in the house?
A. No. It should be used on the door most frequently used. Otherwise, some doors would be locked when others would be unlocked, depending on the swing of the door(right or left)

Q. What about right and left handed doors?
A. The REMOTIZER Electronic Door Lock Keyless Entry System is set for a left hand door (lock on left viewed from inside). To change for a right hand door, simply remove the gear plug, turn the gear to the position marked and re-insert the gear plug.

Q. Will it fit on an apartment door that has three locks?
A. Apartments typically have a passage lock below, a keyed deadbolt in the middle and a keyless deadbolt above. All are spaced about 4 inches apart. The REMOTIZER Electronic Door Lock Keyless Entry System  will replace the thumbturn the keyed deadbolt below the keyless deadbolt. The existing deadbolt and screws are used so the existing keys and managers master key will still work and there is no alteration of the door.

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