About Remotizer®

Remotizer Electronic Door Lock Keyless Entry System is a product that offers a more simplistic approach to secure residential access while creating an aesthetic that homeowners are proud to display on their front door. The result is an electronic door lock that charts a new path in home security solutions.

Remotizer gives you the options you need to enter and exit your home electronically, with complete peace of mind. Electronic Door Lock Keyless Entry Systems  have become incredibly advanced and convenient but what if you have a living situation that won't allow you to remove and replace your existing door lock setup, are you out of luck? Not anymore thanks to the Remotizer Wireless Electronic Deadbolt Adapter that converts any single cylinder deadbolt into a remote controlled Electronic Door Lock Keyless Entry System door lock. In as little as five minutes the Remotizer can be installed in place of your existing single cylinder deadbolt turn knob by unscrewing the existing cover and replacing it with the Remotizer base. That's it. No door alterations or extensive wiring are needed and it comes in a small form factor at 4-3/8" high and 3-5/16" wide to prevent it from being an eyesore. The Remotizer has a wireless range of up to 40 feet with its keyfob remote making it extremely convenient; for example unlock the door as you park so you don't need to fumble with keys while you carry groceries. With the Remotizer installed your keys will still work but because they aren't needed they can now serve as back-up or spare keys for use in an emergency. The Remotizer comes with one remote keyfob for use in locking and unlocking the door. When locking the door the Remotizer unit will beep to notify you that it has locked. The exterior of the unit can be painted if desired and is powered by four AA batteries (sold separately) which with normal use should last for roughly one year before needing to be replaced. Additional keyfob remotes for the Retmotizer are available and sold separately if you want to provide family members or friends with a remote. The REMOTIZER was invented and patented by Mark Kilbourne, president of Mr. Butler LLC, Houston Texas. Mark developed it with his father, Kent Kilbourne, who has had 38 years experience in the door lock industry. The consulting engineering and testing were done by Mesa Engineering Inc., Houston TX., Wavedge Technology, Dallas TX and Technology Kitchen, Austin TX.

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